Introduction (More and Less)


[Gassho] _/\_


After completing my master’s thesis, reflecting back on it and considering future possibilities of exploration in that field of research, I found myself asking where to/ when to/ how to/ and why to next? I paused, to ask myself another stated-question, “Why bother with such questions? You know what you are, you are a wizard dear H….”. I have been in a contested position between the professional-scholastic world and the world of my passions and interests, and initially I intended for this blog to be a journalistic congregation of my PhD thoughts – to lean into a management of my PhD journey, but I am starting to lean away from this academic stream and more toward aiming to take this “work” much further, i.e. back to life.


The part of me that is an Ivory Tower Wizard is the scholar that is about to venture along the PhD. Another part of me is the Indigo Mountain Wizard, which appeals to my doing, practising, engaging the wilderness of the mind, the art of seeing beyond, the crafts of wisdom – which is not limited by the parameters of academic expectation, but still respects the scholastic facet as a part of the Wizardly Gestalt. More about this liminal process in a later article (*here*).


This site (far beyond my academic adherence) continues to be an attempt to offer a hand (to myself and others) in wayfinding, navigation, pathworking, mapping, routing, and pedagoging systems of life that use as its foundation ‘wisdom’ (and I am not claiming to hold any wisdom of any sort – but I wish to ask the critical, contemplative, creative, and sometimes seemingly ridiculous questions).


Lastly, the attention I wish to arouse in this blog is threefold, namely 1) to explore the foundations of wisdom with the purpose of arousing it, 2) to develop and cultivate a path / way / curriculum to arouse wisdom and put it into practice, and 3) to reap the fruits of insight and share these.


Where this process may offer a possible unique contribution lies in its title: The Middle-Hand Path. The title refers to two aspects, one being a refernce to the Buddhist wisdom praxis known as The Middle-Way and/or the philosophy of Madhymaka – this holds a significant plac in my spirtual philosophy and significantly influences the other aspect that comes into attention; this being a personalized revision of Western Esotericism and magickal tradition, that looks to emphasize its middle pillar (or ‘HAND’ as I will continue to refer to it) between the Right-Hand and Left-Hand paths toward actualization – the Magnum Opus (Great Work). In a nutshell, I look to inspire magickal practice with the insight and wisdom of Buddhism, drawing on Bodhicitta (the mind of awakened view) as the key that unlocks, guides, and holds the enitre process.


Therefore, if you gather some idea of what I have said above, I do not only intend to theorize my thinking in this field, but actually to practice and affectively to create living and beholdable artifacts (art-i-facts) as fruits of these practices.


That much said, is enough for now…


Oh, what a journey! Worth every drop!


May the journey be clear and kind (in heart-and-mind)!

May peace prevail without prejudice and judgement!

May life continue to be interpenetrated with compassion and wisdom!

May freedom remain free for all!


May “Fuck-it! Don’t Worry, Be Happy” be a true jovial mantra

– as true as is

Hakuna Matata! 😉

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