Introduction (More or Less)


After finishing my master’s thesis, reflecting on it and considering future possibilities of exploration; along with the influences I have found in my life thus far, and where/when/how/& why I am to next? I paused to asked myself another stated-question, “Why bother with such questions? You know what you are, you are a wizard dear H….” ­čśÇ

A part of me is an Ivory Tower Wizard, as I am about to venture into a PhD, so my academic mind is alert. Another part of me is that Indigo Iron Mountain Wizard, where the effects of my PhD has magickal activity┬ábones whistling. In my thesis, I asked about contemplative means to “eradicate ignorance” – of which I will write about more in upcoming articles – the next bit of philosophical thinking unravels my next project (which is also a large extension of my life) – especially toward the embodiment of wisdom in action.

In The Middle-Hand Path I contemplate and reflect as such:


The problem with holding onto a moral-compass is that we tend to look for┬ádirection and guidance by fixating our gazes on a spinning needle, madly set on whether we are going North, South, East, West, and so forth, or having a clueless disposition in the first place – “can someone point the way please?”

The other forgotten problem with this is that all directions are relative directions, pointing and looking at pointers – up, down, left, right, and even center. When we look at pointers it is as though we give way to the ideas we have about what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and how we should go about these decisions. With this attitude we are bound to meet conflict, clashing, confusion.

So maybe we can hold our compasses up like mirrors, and have a good look at what we think, perceive, sense, feel; then open the compass and ask what lies beneath the surface? What drives the needle?! Contemplate, chew, and marinade over this… If you come up with some religious answer or a maxim of some value-based system, then I implore to dig a bit deeper, get your teeth into it – if anything, what lies beneath the religiosity? beneath the paradigm? the construct? Why is there a needle at all?! Are you lost?

These are not necessarily questions that need a logical answer (even though there may rationally be a logical answer if need be), rather, this is an incite to ‘point-out’ a means to┬ástrip away the veils of self-perpetuated ignorance.

My journey has been one of seeking the truth/’truth-as-it-is’, I continue to be on a journey and instead of seeking out from a place of confusion, I opt to wander from a place of gnosis; which digs closer to the heart of this site (the moral of my moral-compass analogy)… A moral compass is useless if only perceived from representational ideas of direction; rather, a moral compass bearing a current of wisdom needs no pointing needle, and all directions are interactive/integrative/interconnective compassionate/altruistic – preferential referential arrows melt into rippling pulses of insight activity.

Most systems that promote guidance for ways of life, or precepts of living, lack a current in wisdom and further fail to promote existing in truth. Whatever method, means, modality we use to provide purpose to our lives, ultimately these too need to be discarded (the so-called ladder to heaven, the battle to Valhalla, ship to the Summerlands, are all left behind after their purposes are served). With that letting-go, we return to our enlightened nature, revealing a crazy compass that originates in a Big Nowhere and leads to a Big Everywhere; might as well dance, laugh, be madly joyous and soberly in-tune.

I often wonder why people come to me looking for answers to their conundrums, and most often my answers are open-ended, grey-zoned, rainbow-potential, dark-mind-matter reality, most often I simply don’t know at all, but in listening, hearing, contemplating, and opening a horizon for vastness on which to map possibilities of course, action, or simply being,,, more life can happen, as it already is, and always has been. Emaho! [Majik]!


This site, is an attempt to offer a hand in wayfinding, navigation, pathworking, mapping, routing, to systems of life that could use a decent ounce of wisdom (of course, I do not claim to hold any wisdom of any sort – but I do claim to ask critical, contemplative and sometimes seemingly ridiculous questions); and to help me make a bit more sense of the compilation of my PhD project. I will bring attention to anything from paths of industrial/technological habituation to a revision of Western Esotericism and magickal traditions, and re-visitations to art and culture in general – again, asking whether these carry/contemplate their roots of wisdom? Certainly, but the wisdom tends to get covered over by loads/layers/parcels of glorious shit. Oh, what a journey! Worth every drop!

May the journey be clear and kind (in heart-and-mind)!

May peace prevail without prejudice and judgement!

May life continue to be interpenetrated with compassion and wisdom!

May freedom remain freedom for all!


May “Fuck-it! Don’t Worry, Be Happy” be a true jovial mantra – as true as Hakuna Matata! ­čśë

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