An Introduction





In middle 2016 I completed my master’s thesis, and immediately fell into the expectation to further this with a research PhD, but the momentum and incentive wasn’t quite there. My sense was to take this underlying something (this contemplative quest for wisdom) into a workable and relatable field of engagement. But, my heart was not in academia any more which in itself presented me with a crisis of identity… that I might not have been this grand striving scholar I pretended and hoped to be.

None the less I continued to reflect back on what this pursuit of wisdom meant and what the future possibilities of its exploration would entail if not necessarily through the avenue of academia. So if not strictly within the avenues of the Ivory Towers then where and how? I delved into a reflective rhetoric on why I should bother with this? In the dark of the night a lucid vision revealed itself…

A tired traveller courses up a long winding tower in search of purpose, knowledge and fulfilment, yet faces paper-stacked dead-ends around every corner, and still climbing higher and higher to no real fruition. The tower is swamped with inhabitants, travellers similar to our protagonist yet transformed into lackeys of the tower machine after years of wandering and slaving. Our traveler is one day struck by a bolt of crisis that sends him and the tower crumbling, in the fall, the crisis reveals itself to be a gesture of sincere and radical vulnerability, that can lead to harken the call to truth and clarity – the seed planted deep in the travellers heart needs an opportunity to burst forth its potential. With this the traveller held a gaze over the horizon where the tower once stood and exclaimed “I am wizard”.

So, moving from a contested vocational position held by those crutching feeding tubes of the Ivory Tower’s internal plumbing to coursing an open horizon of workable opportunity (with different challenges), a self-pronounced wizard can no longer hide behind any façades and must be ready to face the exposure of a inquisitive and critical world. 

Initially this blog was intended to be a journalistic congregation for my PhD thoughts – as a leaning pole for my PhD journey management, but as it has come about, this blog has opened up to something much broader and unrestrained. So what we have before us is a striding is a toward a “great work”, to step back to life, a life worth living, a life through self-sprung creative service beyond conventional outcomes, a ‘bildungslebenskunst‘.

Now the traveller yearns for an unspoken freedom of the mountains and wilderness, and to trade the tower for the Indigo Mountain – this appeals to my doing, practising, engaging the wilderness of the mind, the art of seeing beyond, the crafts of wisdom – which is not limited to the parameters of academic expectation, yet still respects the scholastic facet as a right-handed part of the Wizardly Gestalt.

This is a hint to the overarching title of this blog, and more so, the organic practice model I am building and calling The Middle-Hand Path.

This blogsite continues as a reading offering in wayfinding, navigation, questing, pathworking, mapping, routing, creating, pedagoging, and strange meanderings through this holism of life. As guiding posts I situate ‘wisdom’, ‘contemplation’, and ‘majik’ (as magickal art and culture) in my horizon of reflection.

The attention I wish to arouse in this blog is threefold, namely 1) to explore the foundations of wisdom with the purpose of arousing it, 2) to develop and cultivate a path / way and its component syllabi to arouse wisdom and put it into practice, and 3) to reap the fruits of insight so that they may be successfully shared and encultured.

This process is the work I call The Middle-Hand Path and it is a work in process. The title refers to two aspects, one being a reference to the Buddhist wisdom praxis known as The Middle-Way and/or the philosophy of Madhyamaka – this holds a significant place in my journeying, and the other influences being a personalized revision of the Western Esotericism, Hermetic, Mystery and magickal traditions, looking to emphasize and reinterpret the middle pillar (or ‘HAND’ as I will continue to refer to it) between the Right-Hand and Left-Hand paths toward wisdom actualization.

Further more I aim to point out some perennial commonalities but not necessarily creating any hybrid post-postmodern New Age ready-go-to system, rather an embodied experience that speaks into a meta paradigm. i.e. a creative and intuitive Magnum Opus (Great Work) fed by tradition and experience. In a nutshell, I look to inspire a magickal practice and mystery pathworking with the insight and wisdom of I have found Buddhism as keys that unlock, guide, and hold this entire process into its imminent fruition.

If you find any of these reflections resonant then please explore the blog writings contained in here and also look keep your attention pinned for upcoming websites that hold related purpose in this Middle-Hand mandala. These are 1) Middle-Hand Path – for specific progressive curricular and creative path-working, 2) Middle-Hand Mountain – a holding-space for broader contemplative and magickal service provision, and 3) Middle-Hand Monastery – an attuned space for vocational reflection and refinement, a refuge for wisdom and the heart-mind.

That much said is enough for now…

Oh, what a journey! Worth every drop!

May the journey be clear and kind (in heart-and-mind)!

May peace prevail without prejudice and judgment!

May life continue to be interpenetrated with compassion and wisdom!

May freedom remain free for all!


May “Fuck-it! Don’t Worry, Be Happy” be a true jovial mantra

– as true as is

Hakuna Matata! 😉

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